Portland State University

CampusNexus CRM

The CampusNexus CRM Application, formally known as Talisma CRM, software is used by organizations to keep track of interactions with their constituents. Portland State University (PSU) uses Talisma as its enterprise CRM software for prospective and current students. Learn More about the Software.

The instructions below are designed to help you get started - contact your direct tech support or the central Talisma support staff (oit-crm@pdx.edu) if you need more assistance.

If your department is not using the Talisma CRM, and interested in learning more about how we're using it at PSU, please contact the OIT Enterprise Applications team at oit-crm@pdx.edu.

PSU-managed Windows PCs

Self ServiceOn PSU-managed Windows PCs, you can install the program by running Self Service Software from the start menu.

Look for the application "Talisma Client" in the list, check the box, and click "Install" (if you don't see it, you may already have the client on your machine). The installation may require you to restart your machine.

Self Service

Once installed, the Talisma Client will be available in your start menu. You will no longer need to log in separately to Talisma - it will carry over your login from your computer, so you no longer need to manage a separate username and password.

Remember that this means that anybody sitting at your computer could launch Talisma and see any information in the client. Lock or log out from your machine when you are not at it (this is good advice in general!)

Finally, you may need to connect to the PSU VPN in some cases when you are off main campus networks. Visit the VPN information page for more information.

Personal or non-managed PCs

A terminal server has been set up to make it easy for other users to connect to campus and launch Talisma. There's a little bit of setup necessary:

First, if you are off-campus, you will need to be connected to the PSU VPN. Visit the VPN information page for more information.

Open your Start menu and start typing "Remote Desktop Connection" (on a Windows 8 PC, open the Start Screen and start typing). Select the program when it appears. In the "Computer" field, type ts.talisma.pdx.edu

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

When you click Connect, you will be asked for a username and password. Log in with your PSU username and password.

You will get asked to verify that you are connecting to the right computer with a window like below:

Windows RDP Certificate Warning

Click Yes to continue (you can also check the box to avoid seeing this warning in the future).

You will connect to the terminal server, and should see the Talisma client icon on the desktop.


Microsoft Remote Desktop iconOn a Mac, you'll need the Microsoft Remote Desktop application. This is available in the Self Service app if you're on a PSU Mac, or from the App Store. If you are connecting from off-campus, you will also need to connect to the PSU VPN (Visit the VPN information page for more information).

Launch this app and click the "New" button (a big plus sign). Enter in the following values on the window that appears:

Connection Name: PSU Talisma
PC Name: ts.talisma.pdx.edu
Gateway: No gateway configured

You can leave the remaining with their default values. See below for an example:

Mac Configuration Screen

Click the little red close button in the upper left of the Edit Remote Desktops window. Your new connection should appear under My Desktops now. Double click it to open. Your screen will then go mostly black. You will get prompted to approve the connection with a window like the one below; click "Continue".

Certificate Warning - Mac

You will then get prompted to log in - use your PSU login name and password. You will then see a computer desktop with the Talisma icon.